The Sound of Silence

I am consciously unconscious of my non-stop verbal chatter. 10% of my cranium is aware that words are leaving my mouth as if I left home and forgot to turn off the brain causing a fire from self-generated excess heat. 90% is unconsciously undermining the health of my very existence. My stillness interupted by a voice in my head that has talked with my permission. My waking moment creates the reality from my first awakened breath. Ideas spawn out of behavioral patterns of an untreated mind creating messages into the world that shape every one connected…. you and all things. I believed I was a positive human being, contributing to society, and leaving the world a better place for having been born. Examining the results of my existence revealed painful understanding that my work has not been done. I recognize myself as the very child I pity for having parents who care more for themselves than for their own flesh and blood. The soul who arrives without anger trains in self loathing and destruct. The behavior spreads through the conscious streaming – ultimately contributing to the very ills of society I deplore as inhumane and absurd behavior.

I am taking the step now, with every word I type to replace every useless word I say. This is the journey of my conversations demise. Emeshed in my own self-destruction. I normally would be alone and on the phone, with whoever saying whatever. I now have to consider what I say….because it is forever recorded on-line. I have a job to do….I must stop being selfish in obliging foolish desires to hear myself talk. I have spoken for most of my waking hours, and out loud in my sleep. Every word spent here, is one step closer to the day the consciousness behind the voice ceases to create.