How do you get out of Chapel Perilous?

I was just doing my job, and noticed something awry. I decided to investigate (with the third eye)? I kept digging – running mathematical equations…..every time I brought in help, even more from my life was taken.

I saw the things that were only made for movies. I ran the numbers and came up empty. I cut my hands open and bled without pain. I tore everything apart to find answers in vain. I look at the last thing left I hadn’t opened….a DVD of the movie a Beautiful Mind, that’s when I realized that I had been broken.

I found another writer today “The Poetics of Thought” – The Poetry of Reality – it was the perfect place for me to make my first comment:

Your post is “in time” for my moment in life. I have been enmeshed in Chapel Perilous and it all came to a sudden slam against the walls of reality. I have experienced more in this little room of changes than I can recall in my very busy “normal life”. I entered this “god forsaken place” back in May …. and it didn’t matter where I ran to, I was always within the walls of confusion. Each day brought answers that were definite and different than the day before. I finally had to accept that the answers were always changing and no thing was to be true or trusted. I finally stopped running and stayed within a confined environment that seemed to be off the radar of the hustle and bustle of the world around me. 9/9/9 …. was the night I learned of alchemy, and the computer became alive with something on the “other side” showing me a brilliant display of ability I had only seen in the movies and believed to be special FX. I had a human being behave in terms of a 180 (again) and attempt to impose a belief that I knew not to be true of my character… when the door was closing ….the last words I heard was …..”Where is my ID?” I tore everything apart till I cut my fingers open deep with a knife, bleeding over the papers covering the floor, I broke the lock on the door, I pulled the lights out of the wall and tore every ballast apart, questioning the reason of an outside fixture indoors, I took a knife to my laptop and dismantled it piece by piece, especially focusing on the bottom notification “strike zone” I pulled the mirror off of the wall, and went through articles of clothes, I put numbers together and called to reach NOS and dialed the patterns and the numbers I put together, only to be connected to the Republican Party, or a college that had a number for the bank closings, or to be given a code that was something along the lines of URNM13…….I looked in the microwave, stove, under the sinks, the stove tops, the refrigerator, and I found a red light blinking and cut the wire to the air-conditioning that was protruding from a strange place. How did I know what I was looking for, when I have never looked before, no knowledge of what I should find once I find it…..if I ever find it? I had to be diligent, smart, and time efficient and put things back together before anyone may hear my disturbance. I stopped, and found a gift left for me…..a DVD of a Beautiful Mind…. now 9/11/09 and I just sobbed. I really fucked myself. I couldn’t leave the room because I ruined the handle and lock, I couldn’t get cool air on a hot day, I had no computer to do my work, and I had no one I could call for help and explain what I had done… out of character …. so out of my mind. I can only do small things to be “normal” again. Eat, sleep, exercise, study, write, and crawl out of the depths of despair, remembering I was the one who had it all…..or did I?

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