Skull & Bones

Everything you could want to know about the Yale secret society “Skull & Bones”, is right here in this article,            60 Minutes Report on Skull & Bones.

The read is easy, and you will be an expert. You could have been like I was, when the Presidential race was between Bush and Kerry. I was and secure in the knowledge that it didn’t matter which candidate won, because both were a member of Skull & Bones. Also the really interesting thing, John Kerry’s wife Teresa Heinz Kerry is the only woman I’ve ever heard of that was married to not 1 but 2 Skull & Bones members. That’s right, our Heinz Ketchup founder was also a Skull & Bones member. Now they only let in 15 people a year, so that only allows for 650 possible living members at any given time. That circle must be small, and then again, she’s pretty hot for that crowd. Anyway….dug this up for you:  Enjoy –

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