Skull & Bones

Everything you could want to know about the Yale secret society “Skull & Bones”, is right here in this article,            60 Minutes Report on Skull & Bones.

The read is easy, and you will be an expert. You could have been like I was, when the Presidential race was between Bush and Kerry. I was and secure in the knowledge that it didn’t matter which candidate won, because both were a member of Skull & Bones. Also the really interesting thing, John Kerry’s wife Teresa Heinz Kerry is the only woman I’ve ever heard of that was married to not 1 but 2 Skull & Bones members. That’s right, our Heinz Ketchup founder was also a Skull & Bones member. Now they only let in 15 people a year, so that only allows for 650 possible living members at any given time. That circle must be small, and then again, she’s pretty hot for that crowd. Anyway….dug this up for you:  Enjoy –

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Let the initial shock of loss wear away
Feel the pain but don’t carry it all day.
Allow your mind to instruct
matter of all things –
Have faith in what
your thoughts will bring.

Remember 10% is only developed,
90% has its own agenda.
The powerful reptilian brain can be,
things that undermine reality.

Let go of things you can’t control,
Do not look to others
to make your life feel whole.

Do not share the fleeting moments in your brain.
Practice the silent way of the insane.

Do not fear the reaction to your action.
Do not assume they think like you…
Do not assume they feel like you….
Do not assume they love or care.
Rely on the fact that no one is really there.

Do not share your thoughts lightly,
Keep them locked and hidden.
Do not give away your ideas
or your mission.

If you think to ask
then ask yourself first.
Enjoy your answer
and that will quench your thirst.

Block the noise
Block the message
You are your own being….

Only you know…..



I must post another day………….in another way…….

Hey you,

This was a lot of fun for me. I learned so much blogging for my first time and must admit was very therapeutic. I have to go now. I can’t spend the attention you deserve to continue to post things of which may have value. If I had enough time to spare, I would dedicate it here, but alas, it is impossible now. I could throw things up that were not given thought, but that would always nag at me as not being authentic. It just doesn’t feel right to play it half-ass.

I might keep this up for awhile, I might take it down, for now I’ll just sit on it and see what happens. Life changes quickly as you see……always mutuable and different to the observer.

Take Care……


PS: I am actually sad… were my first

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E-Mails between Crop Circle Connectors

NOVEMBER 16, 2001 – I receive this e-mail

Greetings, Aiych –

i’m Peter’s Platonic Circle-buddy … 😉
and as i used to live in Port Angeles, my ears perked up when you
mentioned in yr post to him that there was a Formation there ‘recently’ …

do you have any additional info, any newspaper clippings/fotos/referrals
to anyone who you know visited the Formation? can you tell me precisely
where the Circle was?

now, in Chehalis in ’94 and ’96 there were Formations (wch i documented
aerially and with wheat samples), and there were two in Adna (near
Chehalis) in ’94 both of wch i worked with Dr Gerald Hawkins on the math
— ’94AdnaI was the first US Formation with confirmed diatonic ratio;
and of course in ’93 the Kennewick Formation (wch i aerially documented
and sampled for Dr L) started everything off, was the first Pictogram
the States had received (to the best i’ve been able to confirm); and ’98
Eltopia (wch i aerially and lay documented) and WhidbeyIsle (wch i tried
to find but was directed instead to lodged fields) each received one.
but i left PortAngeles area and haven’t heard about any WA or OR
Formations this year.

if you can share whatever info you may have with me, i’d be most appreciative!


– ilyes

“One who knows the secret of Sound knows the Mystery of
the Universe.” — Hazrat Inayat Khan

– ilyes
National Coordinator
CropCircle Research International

>visit my HomePage – and my Monograph,
“The Transmission of a CropCircle”

explore The CropCircle Connector’s International Archives: -> HomePage -> ’99 Circles

NOVEMBER 16, 2001 –
I send a news link article from King 5 news that is no longer available for link but this is the text.

Strange formations in the fields

Reported by John Stofflet, Evening Magazine

A strange formation appeared overnight in a Northwest field. No one has been able to explain how the huge patterns appeared. Some say it’s the work of extraterrestrials or a spiritual power. Others say it’s another chapter in the hoax story of the century.

A Port Angeles woman is devoting much of her life investigating these strange formations here in the Northwest and around the world.

For more than a decade, people around the world have been fascinated by reports of thousands of crop circle formations that have appeared in farm fields everywhere from England to right here in the Northwest.

While some formations are believed to have been made by people, in many cases scientists have been unable to explain what’s created them.

A Northwest woman who is devoting much of her life to crop circle research says there is more and more evidence these formations have been sent from a power or entity yet unknown.

Ilyes of Port Angeles, is the national coordinator of the Center for Crop Circle Studies in the U.S. She’s spent years researching these bizarre formations that seem to appear out of nowhere overnight.

Ilyes has been interested in crop circles since 1985, and has been traveling to England since 1991 to study them.

Some scientists believe the formations are the result of a simple, but unexplained natural phenomenon. Other people believe extraterrestrial beings are involved.

Ilyes has her own theory. She feels ancient spiritual energies are the source of the circles.

“I believe that these circle makers are separate consciousnesses that have come together over eons and eons and eons. Very loving, a very high order intelligence,” she said.

Ilyes and thousands of others, believe the formations may convey important messages and a positive energy.

Skeptics say that’s new-age hogwash. They say the real circle makers are human pranksters.

Ilyes says her visits to the formations have led her to evidence that could prove these formations are not human made. Nodes in the wheat appear to have been blown out by a powerful force – not something she believes is caused by trampling of human feet.

Ilyes says researchers have been monitoring the fields, watching for people making the formations and have caught no one. Nor, she says, can any one explain how a person would have the time to intricately weave the wheat together the way it is often found.

Skeptics continue to insist publicity-seeking pranksters, or people interested in boosting tourism are making the circles. Ilyes says her purpose is not to prove them wrong but to simply offer what she believes to be the truth.

She says the sense of peace and the positive energy she and many others experience when they enter a crop formation is reason enough to continue to dedicate her life to the formations – reason to believe something powerful is growing from these fields.

While some people have admitted to making some of these formation, Ilyes says they may have just been trying to get into the media spotlight and says you can’t explain the many other formations no one’s claimed responsibility for.

NOVEMBER 17, 2001 – I receive this reply

Greetings again, Aiych –

that Formation with article is of ’93Cheesefoot Head, in Hants UK …
400′ across, if i recollect rightly … got to fly it and visit on the
ground, too … Peter’s got lovely aerial of it, as well …

what a surprise to see that article!  it’s a recent one, sure’nuf,
judging by the date (wch is what REALLY confounds me!) but i was on
Evening Magazine (on KING5 TV/Seattle) well over A DECADE ago!  i’m
tickled that they’ve Webbed it!  🙂

thanks VERY much for sharing it, Aiych … i can EASILY understand yr
confusion — and MINE, too!  whooEEE!  out of left field!  well, into my
digital album with it!  🙂

muchly appreciated,

     – ilyes

yo:  if you’d like a calendar of the ’95 Formations, send me a snailmail
and i’ll be happy to get one off to you as a thankyou  🙂  (NOT YOU,
PeterLuv!  😉

——– Original Message ——–
From: Peter Sorensen

Odd that the article was dated last month when the WA formaiton
was in 1993 or 94, and the photo was not of the WA formation
either — it’s one from the UK, in 1994 or 95.

Well, let’s just say the news twists things around a bit doesn’t it ….. but why?

IM between Old Friends

me: I have some exciting news, the Judge called me and wants me to move in with her and go to school in NY.

Jewels: what Judge???

me: remember when I worked in the Superior Court

Jewels: yeah

Jewels: you were cataloguing documents I remember that

me: I was her court clerk …. and data entry …. bla bla bla talked me into returning to school …. well …. was in the same state I’m in today, and we spoke and she wants me to return back, move in to her guest room “is waiting” and I didn’t even tell her anything or ask her

Jewels: wow that is amazing.. and will you have work there?

me: that’s the cool part …. the same day … ah yesterday … I applied for unemployment and I found out that I get extra time because I was enrolling with an on-line college for my Masters….. but the Judge has always wanted me to go to a top tier college and she has written recommendations before … I bought $300  in books to study for my GRE test and essays and information for my future learning desires.

Jewels: wow that is GREAT!!!

Jewels: so what about your husband???? if I can ask?

me: lol lol lol

me: his girlfriend will be my neighbor! but I gave him my blessing

Jewels: wow!! so are you guys divorced?

Jewels: sorry but it wasn’t clear

me: he didn’t tell me the court date was in June but his girlfriend thinks so

Jewels: OMG Aiych, that is such a typical “you” sort of response.. I love it..

Jewels: hey as long as you are happy that is all that matters

Jewels: super great news about school

Jewels: so when do you move back school must be starting NOW

me: I am praying for a full scholarship

me: it is going to take awhile to apply and get in order….

me: worst case scenario I am going on-line for my masters which is what I was going to do before we talked

Jewels: ah okay… so you aren’t going to start this semester

me: it’s so frigging amazing this happen Jewels – I never even thought that it would be possible to move back

me: oh no … we have some letters to write, tests to take, essays to do

Jewels: wow that is great… and you want to move back to NJ?

me: oh god … I hate LA

Jewels: that is really great

me: I missed NY and I missed my friends there …. it was the first time I had friends that were MY friends and accepted me besides you and the few on the west coast …. Flaws and all

Jewels: well LA is challenging to say the least.. I love it but I could never live there again.. it was amazing being there for a week wish I could have been there longer

Jewels: ah okay.. that is great..

me: I’m going to research courses and write my essay about my hacking/government/cyber terrorism and economics

Jewels: what was weird was that it felt like I never left…wow!!!!

Jewels: well if there is anyone to tackle spy stuff it’s you my dear

me: I know …

me: it came just in time …. I dumped my parents and my whole family was pushing me to go to Thanksgiving and my brother told me I was turning my back on the family and I said nooooooo what about my pain

Jewels: wow… so are you still in LA?

me: yeah I have the plane ticket for next month and I called all my customers in the government and received %100 support and my work is weird which thank god I was officially let go of my contract my mutual agreement due to lack of on-site work assignments

me: anyway … just got up and going back to bed …. saw you and had to tell you this because I really thought that after what happened on the job I was fucked

me: and now anyone who was taking advantage of me during that time is now fucked

me: I mean….because they lost their chance to do right in my situation, gave me no support, and everyone knows. Oh and hey …. check out

me: The Sky is Over music video on youtube

Jewels: wow.. sorry for delay… my computer is being wonky but happy as I was FINALLY able to get into a site for school..

Jewels: oh funny I know his stuff.. really great.

Last message received on 9/19 at 6:24 AM

But me kept writing for when Jewels gets back from school…….

me: Elect the Dead! Yeah old but hey I haven’t had any time off in awhile so enjoying my computer…  anyway …. Jewels they got paid 750,000 for my job before it was finished and took it out of my hands and they were are keeping me out of the loop after all that dedication to chain of command and sacrifice ….. it was heartbreaking!

me: they have been trying to convince me to go to a psychiatrist but I have been reading all the government forms and I have to release all medical records and what were they trying to do! no good !!!!

me: they told me that my therapist I have had since 1999 isn’t good enough because she is on skype and I’m not using my work insurance but paying out of pocket … and I told them … she knows who I am … she knows I’m not crazy and she works with the military abroad – she deals with me as a whole person, and we don’t entertain chapel perilous …. we get me normal not the situation

me: ok … I think I vented …. have a great day, thanks for being there to listen … I always love I can blurt out things randomly and still feel like you are listening …. love u

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Slaying The Monster

As I drove through the desert – I contemplated this day.
An unsettled fear – more was coming my way.
There was no where to run, hide, or escape
I was on a collision for another mental rape.
I wanted to destroy my cards, GPS and phone
but I knew that would mean I could never go home.

I had broken down and acted out of my mind,
If I did it again I wouldn’t be treated so kind.
I was just one of the three blind mice,
I could get away with it once, but never twice.
The constant attacks were breaking me down,
The real problems came once no one was around.

The computers were taken over and disabled.
My home was a fortress and nothing was stable.
Too stubborn to stop working and told
“Don’t touch that phone.”
That’s when I realized that I’m on my own.

My earnest efforts had already been rejected
I reacted to things just as was expected.
Captured in radio silence conditions,
and I was forced to abort my mission.

Broken apart till I had no direction,
under control of only suggestion.
Oh My God, you can’t be serious,
I had no idea why I was being put through this.

Completely cut off from the world that I know,
an unknown commander was running the show.
I was scared that I wouldn’t get out alive….
responding with actions so I could survive.

Maybe I was really losing my mind,
looking for evidence that no one could find.
Warned of destruction as the outcome to be,
A word of fatality, and the blame would be me.

My history was crazy, lessons easy to miss,
I wonder if that was preparation for this.
I was afraid to go to others during the roam,
Worried that I’d bring danger into their home.

I couldn’t talk about what was happening to me,
I didn’t know how to go on to be free.
I reached out one time, please understand….
Backfired till things were more out of hand.

Nothing left to do – face my fear head on,
Nothing left to lose, and I had to be strong.
I found myself driving to think for a bit,
Another warning I saw, and wanted to quit.

I kept trying to tell myself it was all an illusion,
That my mind was just sick creating delusion.
The strangers and I was all who could see,
the things they would do while following me.

I made rash decisions out of sheer panic,
told to calm down and stop acting manic.
“Behave as you would in your normal situation…
keep working without volunteering information.”

I went back to work and what was stolen now back.
Today has arrived and I appear I’m on track.
Just as unexpected when my project was taken,
I’m to say sorry for the delay – and I was mistaken.

What was the reason, the purpose, the plan?
I’ll never know but does my integrity stand?
I fought black and white, and gray was a crime,
I stopped resisting the monster who gave me my time.
What you resist persists, or so I’ve been told…..
I returned to the battle but the trail went cold.

Wrap it up,
move ahead,
don’t look back again,
Embrace the beginning
and fear not the end.

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