Critical Thinking Final

This part of the exam you will need to finish the sentence:

I will walk you through a couple and then I will send you the answers for the rest on the next e-mail.

1. All fragile things are breakable things.
Some glass are fragile things.
Therefore, __________________________________

OK, let’s walk through this. First, figure out what your MIDDLE TERM is…..the MIDDLE TERM, will repeat itself twice in the first and second line. What words repeat in line one and line two?
…… “fragile things”

So if we look at the first line, we now know that fragile things are not the MAJOR TERM….. so what is the MAJOR TERM? If it is not “fragile things” then it must be “breakable things.”

Rule: MAJOR TERM becomes the predicate in the last line!

So now we look at the Second line and we now know that “fragile things” is the Middle Term, so we have to figure out what is left to be the MINOR TERM….

Some glass are fragile things.

It must be “SOME GLASS” Minor Term

RULE: MINOR TERM is always the Subject of the LAST LINE

Therefore, some glass are breakable things.

Now, this sentence means, the minor term is the subject, the major term is the predicate. Some is a universal statement so we make sure to use it again. The Minor goes first, the Major goes last. Make the sentence work using these rules….
Now try these examples….and even e-mail them back to me for the answers…I will send the answers out later….but try to finish the sentences without looking at your notes!
here are the answers I promised to the finish the sentence part III of the exam tomorrow!

1. No animals are plants.
All sheep are animals.
Therefore, all sheep are not plants. (or no sheep are plants)

2. All Greeks are mortal.
All Athenians are Greeks.
Therefore, all Athenians are mortal.

3. All Miracle Workers are praiseworthy.
Some saints are miracle workers.
Therefore, some saints are praiseworthy.

4. All books are things with pages.
Some books are mysteries.
Therefore, some mysteries are things with pages.

5. All trees have root systems.
All root systems need nitrogen.
Therefore, nitrogen is needed by all trees. (THE TEST)

6. Some hawks are sharp beaked animals.
All hawks are birds.
Therefore, all birds are beaked shaped animals.

7. All pigs are red things.
Red things are cute.
Therefore, all pigs are cute.

8. All trees are green things.
All pines are trees.
Therefore, all pines are green things.

9. All horses are quadrupeds.
Some horses are animals that run faster than humans.
Therefore, some animals that run faster than humans are quadrupeds.

10. All artists are creative people.
Some creative people are painters.
Therefore, some painters are artist.

11. All fragile things are breakable things.
Some glass are fragile things.
Therefore, some glass are breakable things.

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