Let the initial shock of loss wear away
Feel the pain but don’t carry it all day.
Allow your mind to instruct
matter of all things –
Have faith in what
your thoughts will bring.

Remember 10% is only developed,
90% has its own agenda.
The powerful reptilian brain can be,
things that undermine reality.

Let go of things you can’t control,
Do not look to others
to make your life feel whole.

Do not share the fleeting moments in your brain.
Practice the silent way of the insane.

Do not fear the reaction to your action.
Do not assume they think like you…
Do not assume they feel like you….
Do not assume they love or care.
Rely on the fact that no one is really there.

Do not share your thoughts lightly,
Keep them locked and hidden.
Do not give away your ideas
or your mission.

If you think to ask
then ask yourself first.
Enjoy your answer
and that will quench your thirst.

Block the noise
Block the message
You are your own being….

Only you know…..




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